by Ant

It's true. We really love houseplants.

We've had many; and many that have lasted us for a long time. Some have died. But others have lived, and grown and flourished. Others have lived but not flourished.

All of this to say,  here is a little tour of the houseplants who live with us..

Aloe Vera.jpg


Up first we have the Aloe Vera

We originally had this on a bookshelf in a corridor. It started looking a little ill, so we repotted it and moved it to being next to a window. It's been this spindly and grasping ever since.


Now we have this succulent little number. 

It lives in the bathroom, where its mossy base should attract plenty of moisture. From time to time we'll give it a handful of water as we shower. It's a hardy thing, though the moss is looking a little dry now.

Bedroom Spider Plant.jpg

Three spider plants coming up. 

This first one lives in our bedroom, looking out the window. This one was a cutting from a larger part, and a gift picked up from Ros's sister's wedding.

Toto Spider Plant.JPG

Here's the second of the spider plants.

Also a cutting, also from Ros's sister's wedding. This one provides shelter for Totoro.


DVD Spider Plant.jpg

The final and most extravagant spider plant.

This one cascades down our DVD shelf. It was originally Ros's mum's, but she gave it to us as it was too big. It frames our DVD collection beautifully.


This one is known as Mother-In-Law's Tongue.

It lives in our bedroom, on a set of drawers next to our teas maid (which has recently started ticking very loudly). It's a very low maintenance sort of plant. It's never given us a moment's trouble.

Bookshelf Peace Lily.jpg

Now we have two Peace Lilies

This one has many many leaves. Some are turning a little brown, as you can see. We recently repotted it, so hopefully that will help matters. It really was too big for its old pot. It lives on the bookshelf.

Little Peace Lily.jpg

The second peace lily isn't quite as abundant as its counterpart.

This might be because I (accidentally) hoovered it, destroying a few of the leaves. Still, it's a hardy plant. We used to have two of these, but the other one didn't survive our holiday to Norfolk. I also hoovered that one. This lives (perversely) on a radiator.

Pancake Plant.JPG

This peppy little chap is our Pancake Plant

He is the above peace lily's next door neighbour, also living on the radiator. He's only little but oh-ho, he will be mighty. I don't know why I've characterised this one as a little fella. He's the newest addition to our family of plants.

Rubber and Cactii.jpg

Three for one here. From left to right we have Finger CactusTall(ish) Cactus, and Rubber Plant

The cactuses aren't doing too well. They've been replanted and moved into a room with more sunlight (the spare room/office), so hopefully that will help things. They also stand in a former jam roly-poly dish. 

The rubber plant is much more of a success story. It was the first plant we repotted, and it went from being a sickly little thing to this fabulous beast. It's constantly growing new leaves, which start in a pleasant reddish colour. Maybe it'll need repotting again soon. Who knows?

Stair Dweller.jpg

And last but not least, we have The Survivor.

So named because it's invincible. It was dropped when we moved down from Norwich, and survived the first month in a bin instead of a pot. Then we got round to potting it, and it has thrived.

It doesn't need much water or sunlight apparently. It's even grown a new shoot since a recent repotting. That lime green number you see in the middle of the photo.

It lives on the stairs.

So there you have it.

Those are our house plants. We love all of them, and water them regularly. They are mostly tough varieties of plant, because we are both inexperienced when it comes to plant maintenance, so wanted green things that would be tough to kill.

What do you think? Do have plants? How could we take better care of our collection?