Vegan Superdrug Haul

By Rosalind

Lovers of cruelty free beauty will already know that all Superdrug own brand products are cruelty free. This is amazing if like me, you are trying to live a more ethical life but also like me, you don’t have oodles of money. Many of their own brand products are also vegan, and a little while ago whilst out for lunch with some friends at Pizza East I stumbled upon The Little Vegan Pop-Up Shop at Boxpark, Shoreditch! I wanted to buy everything because I love skincare and beauty products, especially if they are ethical. I didn’t buy everything (sadly for me), but I wanted to share what I did decide to buy…


B.Pure Micellar Water £2.19

I use micellar water to remove my eye makeup before I cleanse my face in the evenings. I’ve tried many different makeup removers, but micellar water always wins for me. I do find it dries the area around my eyes out, so I go in with an extra moisturising eye cream after cleansing. I am happy I’ve found a cruelty free and vegan brand as this is a key part of my beauty stash.


Naturally Radiant Glycolic Toner £2.95

I was loyally using Pixi’s Glow Tonic before I read this article by Sali Hughes in the Guardian about the best exfoliating toners from the high street. I still love Glow Tonic, but to find a dupe which is vegan and at a snip of the price is amazing. I use this a couple of times a week as part of my morning skincare routine.


Calm Skin De-Stress Refreshing Facial Spritz £2.99

This lured me in because I am a sucker for any product linked to calm/de-stress. Sleepy tea? Yes please. Essential oil diffuser? Sign me up! This product is lovely, and the kind of thing I spritz on my face before I go to bed, or on a no-makeup day.

Calm Skin Hydrating 2in1 Serum & Moisturiser £2.99

I bought this for the same reason as the above, but I have used it a lot. In summer I found it really cooling and soothing to use in the mornings underneath my moisturiser, or in the evenings just before I went to bed. Like the last product, this hasn’t made it in to my ‘essential’ beauty product rota, but it’s a really nice additional treat for my skin.


And that’s it from my little vegan skincare haul! A total of £11.12 spent (well, actually £9.62, because there was an offer on the Calm Skin range).

I love trying new skincare, especially if it is cruelty free! At the moment I just rotate between Lush, The Body Shop and Superdrug skincare, with some occasional Liz Earle thrown in. I’m sure I’ll be buying and trying some more affordable cruelty free beauty products in the near future, so stay tuned if you’re into that kind of thing!