Etsy Love

By Rosalind

In my bid to be a more ethical shopper and generally a better human, but still acknowledging that I like pretty things, I've developed an obsession with Etsy. Not an ad, not sponsored, just some honest love!

Etsy has been around for ages, so this post is hardly breaking news but I have found myself increasingly visiting the website for a little look at what's available and to curate my wishlist.

Etsy is a place where independent business and creative individuals can sell their work. It's full to the brim with beautiful items, often handmade. It's the perfect place to shop for gifts because many shops allow you to customise your order, as it is bespoke and handmade.

Here are a couple of things I have purchased from Etsy recently that I am in love with;


The Making of the Earth - Folk Art Print by JamesBarkerDraws


I LOVE this so much! From the weird crying eyes to the beautiful waves and the ape like figure it's just all so strange and wonderful. It's definitely a good conversation starter and I love folk tales. This art feels deep and meaningful whilst also looking great.  A bargain at only £18 for such beaut art!

Other prints on my current wishlist include:

  • Pineapple Print by JoyJenStudio - simple and bright, this would look great in a kitchen
  • I dream about all prints by WhiteDoePrints - watercolour and digital art capturing nature? I'm into it.
  • This black cat print...because it's weird and beautiful all at once.
  • Showcasing the eternal British debate...jam or cream first? This cream tea print has my vote.
  • This Storm in a Teacup print by LouiseWrightDevon is super cute and moving all in one fell swoop.
  • I work for a dance company so this Savoy Swing print is right up my street.



My main go-to place for jewellery on Etsy at the moment is the shop MicaPeet, botanical themed jewellery HELLO! I was given a pair of the Gold Monstera Hoop Earrings (£18) for my birthday, along with a Gold Monstera Necklace (£20), but i'm basically in love with everything in the shop.  I wear the earrings almost every day and often get compliments for them. Yay!


Other jewellery on my current wishlist (besides everything from MicaPeet) includes;

I could honestly go on with my wishlist forever, but in summary I just love Etsy. They really have something for everyone on there, and it's always good to support independent businesses! Do you love Etsy? What's on your wishlist? Let us know!