Board Games

by Ross

Akrotiri in full swing, doesn’t get much better than this.

I became aware of the board game café scene when my girlfriend Juliette and I visited Vancouver last summer.  We went to Pizzeria Ludia right near stadium- Chinatown station. On arrival we were attended by the games steward, who was dressed like a waiter but in a very funky waistcoat. After listing our prior experience he recommended several great choices from their library of hundreds of games. We chose Akrotiri and we took it over to our table where we ordered pizza and pasta, and beer to go on our Carcassonne coasters. The steward got us all set up and even explained the rules. This is probably the slickest new board game experience I have ever had to date. Akrotiri is set in the Aegean Sea where would-be voyagers excavate legendary Minoan temples by using their maps in hand and placing tiles in order to explore new islands. This was truly a perfect way to spend an evening.

Old Joe in the middle here captures my feelings on monopoly.

People say to me ‘monopoly is my favourite board game’ and yeah, when I was young my board game of choice was monopoly; I really loved it. I would play it for hours with my sisters oblivious to their scandalous under-the-table bank transfers. But then you start to realise that,like the capitalism that this game was based upon, someone gets ahead and you have to watch them win for the next three hours.

The Catanosphere that I can only aspire to.

I think the first proper board game that I bought was Settlers of Catan. I wanted a good board game to play with my friends that had a bit more of a strategic vibe than articulate. I remember doing some research and this seemed like a good gateway board game, one with not so many rules that you would scare off your pals. I would recommend this to anyone on the fence about board games. It is a great combination of dice roll, resource management and skill, you can to a certain extent feel more in control. Klaus Teuber we raise a toast to ye - “TO CATAN!” we’d say as we clunked our mugs of mead.

I think that to play is an essential part of every adult’s life and that we should all embrace the goofier side of life. I am going to be writing more about board games in the future so keep them peepers peeled for articles such as ‘Brighton’s Board Game Scene.’