Revisit: Taste of London

by Ant

Okay, so this is maybe not technically a recipe or any sort of recipe at all, BUT in June, Rosalind and I had the chance to visit the Taste of London Festival in Regent’s Park and taste some delicious grub.  

We ambled around the park, snaffling what free samples we could, including Chickpea Crisps, and playing a game of guess the ice cream flavour. But it wasn’t all tiny mouthfuls followed by nodding, smiling and awkwardly shuffling off - there were areas were cooked foods were served. Rosalind and I were lured in especially by veggie Mexican fare, and sweet treats. 

Club Mexicana - Vegan Mexican Food


The Club Mexicana stall blared out cool music and had a long queue, but as soon as we caught sight of the Mexican Fried (fake) Chicken burger we knew we had to have it. And by the time we got to the front, we saw no harm in trying one of everything. 


The undoubted highlight was this sticky, spicy masterpiece topped with bright pickled cabbage in a soft toasted bun.  


We also had three different little tacos; pulled jackfruit being a particular joy. Also good was our first taste of “tofish” - which tasted surprisingly like (what I remember of) actual fish.

Mexican  - or at least an Anglicised version of it - is one of our favourite types of food, so this high quality veggie selection was Most Appreciated.

Sweet Treats


We love the cake-based televisual exploits of Cake Boss - indeed enjoying its early series was one of the cornerstones of our relationship early on - and there is one episode where they make hundreds and hundreds of Cannoli. I can’t believe it has taken me nearly seven years to actually try one, but oh my goodness, they are delicious.


We washed down our feast by sharing two Mochi balls - Japenese glutinous rice filled with ice cream. We are both ice-cream connoisseurs, and this was an interesting and tasty new way to try it. One of those very odd but satisfying textures.


All in all, I would recommend going to the food festival if you can. We were lucky enough to get in for free through a friend. The problem is, to truly eat more than a little nibble, you have to pay - so if we had paid for entry and then had to pay (and the food wasn’t cheap) inside, I think we may have been a little annoyed. But still, we got to try some new and tasty things, which is always a plus.