Little Acts of Creation

By Ant

We all want to make stuff, to write, to perform, to invent, to turn things into other things, to tell stories - it’s what humans do. It’s what makes us so successful. It’s what has allowed us to shape the world to our will. But it’s so damn tricky not to let life get in the way of that project you keep thinking about but never do. 

And it so often seems that to do one of those projects you need buckets of time, space and nothing else. But even then, when you get those things, you just want to relax.

Unless. There’s a way to create that isn’t an all or nothing, blood and thunder flexing of the creative muscles. Maybe there’s a way to just do little bits here and there, when you can, and that’s enough.

Little acts of creation are still acts of creation.

Life is full of weird little pockets of space that don’t quite fit the bigger things we need to do. So, fill one of those pockets with writing for ten minutes; or drawing something; or thinking. 

And every day life is full of creative acts. Cooking turns a bunch of things into something else. Sharing a story with a colleague is performing.


The world we live in seems to put such a premium on big, famous gestures of creativity that it’s easy to forget the little ones that everyone partakes in every day. So I’m determined to reclaim those little daily acts of creativity. You can say well done when you make a meal, write a list, tell someone a story, have a daydream, you’ve created something - you’ve made something that didn’t exist before exist. That’s amazing.

So if you’re feeling uncreative, take a moment to admire all the creative things you do automatically; if you want to be more creative, do what you want to do for ten minutes. You’ll feel better for it than for not.

Give it a go. Celebrate the little things.